Why Was Madonna ‘Being So Hard On Herself’ Before Celebration Tour? here’s everything to know

On June 24, 2023, Madonna was taken to the ICU after being found unconscious. The singer is now back home feeling better than before. Madonna’s longtime manager Guy Oseary previously said in a statement that the 64-year-old singer has been admitted to the ICU for several days, and is currently on the road to recovery. He added that his upcoming Celebration Tour would also be postponed due to his health.

Now, it’s been reported that friends of Madonna fear she’s putting too much pressure on herself to keep up with the younger cast.


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Madonna’s health update

Madonna is currently recuperating at her New York home with her children. However, The Sun reports that those around her are concerned that the singer has pushed herself to her physical limits to compete with much younger artists such as Taylor Swift and Pink.

Madonna’s friend told The Sun, “The countdown had well and truly begun. Madonna had all her chips on number one, which was this tour. She was working overtime, but she had clearly burned herself out and those around her were politely reminding her that she was no longer 45, let alone 25. He needed to pace himself. It was very risky to push myself so hard.

Is this why Madonna is pushing herself to a physical limit which is now taking its toll on her body? Another friend of the singer shared that those around her were concerned about the physical strain it was putting on her body and advised her to take it easy. The friend told The US Sun, “Many of us feel that the constant comments about her age put pressure on her to compete, so we are relieved that she has been able to take the time off and put her health first.” Had to be forced. People were really worried about him.

Reportedly, Madonna is rehearsing for 12 hours a day for her Celebration Tour, which begins on July 15, 2023.



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