Urfi Javed finally reveals the real reason behind her bold dressing; says ‘people don’t respect me’

Urfi Javed is an internet sensation and is known for her quirky fashion choices. She has always been grabbing media attention with her exposing dressing style. She even grabbed headlines for it and has never been out of the limelight. She has faced a lot of criticism on the internet due to her weird clothing choices. She did not break even after people put her down through trolling. Urfi has managed to hold her head high confidently and dare to step out in public with her unique outfit. She has now spoken openly on why she wears such clothes.

Urfi Javed gained popularity from Bigg Boss OTT. He participated in the first season of the House Arrest Game reality show. The actress, who has previously worked in TV serials, shot to fame after wearing a dress made of garbage bags to win a task in Bigg Boss OTT season 1. He was appreciated for his creativity and since then he Did not return in regular clothes. For him. After the reality show, she came into limelight for her unique fashion choices. She is enjoying fan following with 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

Recently Urfi Javed in an interview talked about the constant trolling and revealed the real reason behind her bold dressing. In the interview, he asked whether he has achieved popularity, fame or work. Answering himself he said no in fact he said people don’t respect him and don’t want to work with him. Furthermore, he confessed that .They want attention, that’s why they wear such clothes. Urfi said that she shouts to get attention. Commenting on trolls definitely makes Urfi angry because she is also a human but this happens only for 5-10 minutes. Then she motivates herself “I just tell myself they are probably very ugly, you are very beautiful.

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