Urfi Javed criticizes Gadar 2 star Ameesha Patel for ‘OTT full of gay-lesbianism’ comment; ‘Public figures are speaking without giving education.

Amisha Patel has recently given some shocking statements regarding OTT content, with which Urfi Javed does not agree.

Urfi Javed

Ameesha Patel is in limelight these days as she is busy promoting Gadar 2. Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel have come together once again to bring back the story of Tara Singh and Shakeena. The actress is busy giving interviews and talking about many things. He recently shared his views on the content available on OTT. In a recent interview, Ameesha Patel said that the audience is looking for clean content. And the OTT is full of ‘gay-lesbianism’. Urfi Javed has reacted on this.

Urfi Javed is angry with Ameesha Patel

Urfi Javed shared the link of Ameesha Patel’s interview on her Insta Stories and told that she is troubled by her statements. In the message, he took a dig at Ameesha Patel by using the title of her film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’ and asked if it was only for straight people. He wrote that public figures who speak on sensitive topics without educating themselves infuriate him.  He even called Ameesha Patel a bitter person. Urfi Javed wrote, “What exactly is homosexuality, homosexuality? Keep your children away from it? So when he said ‘Kaho na pyar hai’ he meant only straight people. Without educating himself on such sensitive topics, it is okay to speak public figures really bother me! No.” She has become a very bitter person because of getting work for 25 years.

Urfi Javed and Amisha Patel

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ameesha Patel talked about OTT content and said, “People are waiting for good, clean cinema. The era where you could make cinema that a grandchild would have seen his grandfather Could have seen sitting with grandma, she’s completely missing. OTT certainly doesn’t give you that. Because OTT is full of homosexuality, gay-homosexuality… scenes where you have to cover your kids’ eyes or actually put a child lock on your television so that they can’t access those platforms.” People’s reactions came.

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