Trisha Paytas COMES FOR Colleen Ballinger In A YouTube Vid Full Of New Allegations

Trisha Peytas has been dragged into drama involving Colleen Ballinger.

This week, Johnny Silvestri, a former fan of Ballinger’s, alleged that the YouTuber used to send him NSFW photos and videos of Peteas from his Onlyfans to mock the new mom and her body. Silvestri posted several unverified screenshots of some conversations between him and Ballinger on his Twitter on July 3, and also claimed that Ballinger would host “viewing parties” to mock Peytas.

Now, Paytas has posted a video in response to these most recent allegations against his fellow YouTuber, as well as other allegations of inappropriate conduct with minors made against Ballinger earlier this year.

“I do not condone, at all, unsolicited nudes—sending unsolicited nudes to anybody, sex worker or not,” Paytas said in her July 3 video. “I think using someone’s nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them, be mean, is the lowest form of human.”

She continued, “These weren’t a long time ago. This is someone well into their 30s who just gave birth, sending nudes. And a month prior, I was in [Ballinger’s] house, meeting her newborn and doing a Mukbang with her.”

“It’s a lot. And it wasn’t just one occasion. Several times he sent me different pictures and different positions,” Petas said. “I think it’s very inhumane, I think it’s very disgusting to anybody.”

Petas also questioned the purpose of sending such messages, saying, “Sending these to fans unsolicited, in what context she was sending these, I don’t understand the purpose. I don’t know if it was an inside joke.” I was missing,” he later added that “a lot of those images and videos were behind a paywall that requires a person to be 18 years of age and older.”

The 35-year-old woman said she reached out to Ballinger about the photo allegations, but Ballinger denied them. Petas claimed, “I asked him about these a few weeks ago.” “She assured me that she never sent pictures of me, [and] that it would be a fan who would send pictures to her who was underage at the time.”

Ballinger, best known for her eccentric, weirdo character Miranda Sings, has been a content creator since 2008.

The singles brought Ballinger notoriety for his poor make-up and childish nature. She’s appeared on late-night talk shows, gotten her own Netflix series, performed on Broadway, and published two books.

Paytas, who is also a YouTube veteran, said she had known Ballinger for several years, and that they had become close. She launched a podcast with Ballinger earlier this year and said she’s recently been trying to stay away from controversy and stay in her own space, but “this is beyond drama.” She said she has strong feelings about adults interacting with minors, partly due to trauma from her own past, and she felt sick after hearing stories from Ballinger’s former fans.

“I was not aware of these recent things that are coming out,” he said. “Everyone knows that I have a very, very, very firm stance on talking to anyone who is underage, Whether that’s ideal or not. I’ve always been very, very adamant about what I think is unfair.”

Colleen Ballinger and Trisha Paytas on their podcast “Oversharing.”

Petas said, “Since I was his friend, and I knew him as a person, I guess I was trusting him.” “Because I mean, overall, who do you trust, this person you know in real life, or people you know nothing about?”

When Petas saw the leaked messages, she said she felt “exasperated” and hurt.

“It’s quite barbaric, it’s quite misogynistic,” she said. “And it’s absolutely cruel. It’s low for a person to say such things.”


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