Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted enjoying their date at the Beyoncé Concert in Poland and tom and Zendaya engagement: Watch

Are Tom and Zendaya dating?

Tom Holland and Zendaya, who starred together in the Spider-Man franchise, are Hollywood’s ‘hit’ couple. Recently the two were seen having fun at Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour concert in Warsaw, Poland. The two were seen in a relaxed mode and enjoying their time at the concert.

Zendaya and Tom Holland were seen enjoying at Beyonce’s concert

Both are seen in relaxed mode in casual outfits. (Also Read: Tom Holland Makes A Rare Comment About Being ‘In Love’ With Zendaya: ‘I’m Happy’)

When Tom Holland confessed he is ‘in love’ with Zendaya

“Actually, for this to work, I need you to love me. So, long game. Possibly filming with each other – it certainly helps when the characters are falling in love with each other, so you can blur the lines a bit. My ridge is like this. And, you know, I’m off. “I’m happy and in love, so I don’t need Ridge,” Tom told BuzzFeed in an interview.

Tom and Zendaya in new Spider-man film

The two will be reuniting on screen for the fourth installment of the Spider-Man franchise. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom confirmed that there is indeed a fourth part of his Spider-Man franchise. He’s having meetings with Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and they’re looking at the question, ‘Why would we do this again?’ And Tom said it looks like he’s got the answer.

But possibility does not come without apprehension. “There is some stigma about fourth down in all franchises. I feel like we’ve hit a home run with our first franchise and there’s a part of me that wants to go on with my head held high and hand the reins to the next lucky kid who brings this character to life,” said Tom.

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