The Office’s ‘Jim’ John Krasinski once recalled how a London customs agent on his way to marry Emily Blunt asked him, “You married her?” – see

Handsome hunk John Krasinski is one of Hollywood’s A-listers, most famous for playing Jim on the sitcom The Office. Even though he has worked hard to make a mark in the acting industry, there have been times when John has faced humiliation for being married to one of Hollywood’s top actresses, Emily Blunt. And today, we got hold of a video where the actor talked about the same in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon. Keep scrolling to see it.

John and Emily are the ‘IT’ couple of the industry. They are the most fun, goofy and sexy couple to watch and have been on this beautiful matrimonial journey since 2010.

When John Krasinski once appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy began asking how his wife, Emily Blunt, was doing, and the audience cheered at his high-pitched voice.

The actor quickly added, “That reaction means I’m married, and don’t I know it? And they don’t need to tell me, the customs agent in London pointed out.

John Krasinski further recalled an incident, sharing, “I don’t know if you know Emily just shot a movie. It’s a little indie called ‘Mary Poppins,’ and I used to visit her all the time. I was shooting something else, but I went almost every weekend, and it was going great.

The customs, the whole experience, whatever.  And then, I hit on it… It was a guy my age, and he looked like he was ready to have a little fight with me, and he said, ‘Here’s to saying you’re an actor’ , and I said, ‘Yes’. Then he says, ‘Shall I know you by anything?’ I said ‘You know we remade the UK version of The Office.’ strike one. He was like, ‘Oh, you did what we did absolutely right.’

“Then I said ‘yes’, and he says, ‘Who are you coming here to see?’ I said, ‘My wife’ and when I said she was an actress, he asked, ‘Do I know her?’ And I said, ‘I probably don’t know, her name is Emily Blunt.’ He says, ‘You?’ And then he goes on to say, ‘You’re married to Emily Blunt?’ And I said, ‘Yeah’, and then he stamped ‘Okay go. Just go’.”


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What is John Krasinski’s Net Worth and Salary?

John Krasinski is an American actor, writer, and director who has a net worth of $80 million. That is a combined net worth with his wife, actress Emily Blunt. Their combined fortune is almost equally attributable, with John being responsible for a slightly higher share. John Krasinski first gained recognition for his work as Jim Halpert on NBC sitcom “The Office,” a role that earned him 2 Online Film & Television Association Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series as well as several “Best Ensemble” awards that he shared with his cast. John Krasinski has been playing the title role on Amazon Prime’s “Jack Ryan” since 2018, and his horror film “A Quiet Place” (which he starred in, co-wrote, and directed) was a hit with both critics and audiences, grossing $340.9 million worldwide. “A Quiet Place II” was released in 2020 and earned $300 million.

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