Soojang YouTube owner apologizes to BTS V, Jang Won-young and K-pop fans for controversial content


  • YouTube channel Sojang owner apologizes for his previous controversial video
  • Sojang’s owner reveals his identity and apologizes to BTS V and Ivy Won-young
  • Controversial channel reportedly hacked and eventually taken down

The owner of Sojang’s YouTube channel has revealed his identity and apologized to South Korean idols and celebrities who were hurt by his controversial video.

On June 29, Sojang’s owner posted an apology on a popular online community, identifying herself as Park Joo-ah.

“Hello, I’m Park Joo-ah, who used to operate Sojang (YouTube channel). I knew how malicious my videos were from the time I uploaded my first video until my account was hacked. I must have been attention-seeking,” she wrote, according to Allkpop’s English translation.

Park further explained that he made money through videos he made that spread malicious information about K-pop idols and other South Korean stars.

She confessed, “I must have gone crazy because of the views and the money. Either way, I was crazy.”

He specifically apologized to BTS V and IVE’s Jang Won-young.

“When BTS V said he knew about my channel, I behaved like an attention seeker and I apologize for attacking him even more. I apologize to Jang Won-young , who were mentally victimized by the video I made by manipulating videos and photos. Creating further wrong information from the web,” she said.

He also apologized to the fans of Idols. Park revealed that after her channel disappeared, she was able to think about her “crimes”. She also clarified that she was not apologizing to avoid legal complaints from agencies and celebrities and said that she would accept lawsuits.

As reported by Allkpop, Sojang’s channel was reportedly hacked and eventually taken down on June 23.

“I know that my crimes of almost two years will not be forgiven by the mere words ‘I’m sorry.'” And sorry for the subjects of my video,” Park concluded his apology.

In December 2021, BTS’ V personally sued a YouTuber who was spreading malicious rumors about several K-pop artists.

In September 2022, Sojang claimed that girl group IVE was supposed to be a seven-member girl group, but one member reportedly dropped out because of Won-young.

According to Sojang’s controversial video, Park Joo-bi, better known as Park Seon, was supposed to be the seventh member of IVE, but was kicked out, allegedly due to Won-young’s jealousy.

In other news, according to Koreabu, Sojang was previously sued by ATEEZ’s label, KQ Entertainment, and EXO’s Xiumin for spreading malicious rumors.

Wonyoung’s post on Instagram on February 24, 2023


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