“Somebody I Can’t Live Without”: BTS’s V Defines His Relationship With Jimin

In the recently released book, “Beyond the Story: 10 Years of BTS Records”, V, one of the members of the septet, has opened up about his relationship with fellow member Jimin. The friendship between these two idols, whom fans affectionately call “Vemin,” is undoubtedly one of the cutest dynamics within BTS.

V and Jimin
V and Jimin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

V takes us back to the origins of her song “Friends”, a track that beautifully captures the unique bond she shares with Jimin. According to V, the song originated from their shared desire to collaborate. Despite their diametrically opposite personalities and work ethics, the two found common ground in their passion for music and performing.

V believes that the song emerged from the simple idea of ​​making a song that encompassed their shared experiences, “You and I have so many stories together, and we’re the same age, so Why don’t we make it a song, just as friends?” Jimin suggested an idea that Wei immediately accepted.

V spoke openly about the deep differences between them during their trainee days, with Jimin eager for his debut, while his own attitude was more laid-back. Despite these differences, they came to understand and respect each other’s unique characteristics, with V praising Jimin’s unwavering commitment to giving his best on stage. This realization led to a deeper understanding of each other and an appreciation of how they made up for each other’s shortcomings.

It’s just so fascinating to me, that complete opposites can be like, ‘Wow, we really don’t go together,’ but once we saw how we made up for each other’s deficiencies, we came to see each other with even more respect and admiration.”

This heartwarming tale of acceptance and mutual respect may sound like a cliché out of a movie, but for V and Jimin, it’s their reality. The global recognition of “Friends” as their friendship anthem stands as a testament to their deep bond.

In a particularly touching quote, V shared defining her relationship with Jimin, “Originally, me and him fought a lot… but because we fought a lot, later on, he became a The one I can’t live without (laughs).” The candid confession reveals how their arguments and differences strengthened their friendship and made them indispensable to each other.

The members’ journeys, especially V and Jimin’s dynamics, are powerful testament to the fact that embracing differences (not eschewing them) is key to fostering deep, meaningful relationships. This bond has undoubtedly contributed to BTS’ togetherness and their continued success as a group.

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