‘Roman Reigns’ TikTok Account Has Apparently Been Banned and WWE Fans Have No Idea Why

Roman Reigns

WWE’s Tribal Chief still rules SmackDown as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, but he doesn’t have the same hold on TikTok for the time being. This is because if you go to Rance’s TikTok account at this time, you will not actually find the content that was posted there, as it is written at the bottom of the page that the account is banned. It also states that Roman Reigns’ account is no longer available, and it’s actually a bit difficult to track down if you try to find it now. Thankfully the screenshots (courtesy of Wrestling News) show the banned status, but WWE fans are perplexed as to why the account was banned in the first place.

Rance’s account had 1.3 million followers and 7.3 million likes, which is an impressive following for a Tribal Chief. Why the account was banned is still unclear. This could be a random enforcement of TikTok’s guidelines regarding fake violence, as other wrestling accounts have been banned in the past. Although many of the biggest WWE Superstars haven’t been around, so maybe we’ll see Reigns back on stage soon.

Fans quickly scoured Rance’s TikTok feed in hopes of uncovering the video that may have led to the ban. The sudden suspension of Reigns’ account has sparked intrigue and speculation within his loyal fan base.


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What was the reason behind banning Roman Reigns from Tiktok?

The reason behind Roman Reigns’ TikTok ban remains a mystery, though speculation is rife that a user may have reported one of his videos for containing violent content. Such reports can trigger actions by the platform.

Another possibility is that one of Rance’s previous TikTok videos may have included profanity, potentially violating TikTok’s community guidelines. It is worth noting that the accounts of celebrities have been unknowingly banned in the past for unknown reasons.

However, there is good news for Roman Reigns fans as the WWE megastar has made a triumphant return on the popular social media platform TikTok. Reigns marked his return by sharing a video containing a clip of his post-WrestleMania press conference.

In the clip, he hilariously taunts everyone after his surprise win over Cody Rhodes. Rance’s return to TikTok has undoubtedly pleased his followers, who are eagerly awaiting more engaging content from The Tribal Chief.


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