Pre-Debut Versus Now: These Before And After Photos Of BABYMONSTER Show The Effects Of “YG Care”

YG Entertainment released the test profile photos before the awaited group BABYMONSTER makes their debut. Read ahead to know more.

BABYMONSTER members; Picture Courtesy: YG Entertainment

On June 28, YG Entertainment revealed Ahyeon’s test profile photo of BABYMONSTER, which is basically a set of photos used in earlier years to see how well they perform on camera. Earlier, Chiquita, Rora, Asa and Ferita posed for a test profile photo. Many were taken in 2020 and 2021, so they seem more innocent and adorable.

BABYMONSTER’s achievements: 

According to YG Entertainment on June 21, BabyMonster’s true web-based entertainment handle, which opened in February, has for some time (February 1, 2023 – May 31) 248,000 followers on Twitter, 2.22 million on Instagram and 200,000 on Facebook. Reached , 2023). The power of YouTube is also prominent. The channel is quickly reaching 3 million subscribers, making it the K-pop girl group with the second most subscribers (about 2.9 million) in the past six months.

The content has been viewed over 500 million times in total. The fact that he is admired not only in South Korea but all over the world is significant. Babymonster’s YouTube channel has the most Asian subscribers out of 150 countries, and the United States, a major global music market, ranks sixth overall. It has attracted a large number of fans in North and South America as well as in Europe.

BABYMONSTER’s activities: 

The growth of his YouTube channel was particularly rapid after the release of the pre-debut song Dream. The song Dream is about how Babymonster is working towards a dream and a new beginning. In particular, music fans from all over the world are constantly reacting in an explosive manner. The group’s growth story, daring goals and beautiful harmony have been garnering rave reviews across languages.

They are also making quick inroads into the mainstream music market. Babymonster’s Dream is a pre-debut song that hasn’t even been officially released, although it topped the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart. Almost seven years after BLACKPINK, YG released the girl group BABYMONSTER. His debut is set for this fall.

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