Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch calls Shah Rukh Khan non-handsome, bad actor; fans go wild.

Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch has recently given some shocking statements about Shah Rukh Khan. According to Mahnoor, Shah Rukh was neither conventionally handsome nor possessed the extraordinary acting skills that his hordes of fans attribute to him. Mahnoor, who has worked in several Pakistani films and TV shows, also claimed that Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity was due to his ability to publicize himself well among the masses. As is evident, Mahnoor’s comment didn’t go down well with SRK fans, who criticized the actress for speaking ill about the Bollywood superstar.

Mahnoor Baloch says Shah Rukh Khan is not conventionally handsome.

In an interview with Had Cardi, a Pakistani talk show, Mahnoor Baloch quite candidly shared his thoughts about Shahrukh Khan. He shared that Shah Rukh has a strong “persona and aura”. He carries himself well and that’s why he looks good. “Shah Rukh Khan has a great personality, but if you look at him in terms of beauty and what is considered handsome, he doesn’t fall into that category. It’s just that his personality and aura are so strong that he looks good.

Mahnoor Baloch called Shahrukh Khan a bad actor

Mahnoor Baloch did not stop at this. Further angering Shah Rukh Khan’s fans, he expressed his opinion on the actor’s acting skills. He said, “My opinion about Shahrukh Khan is that he does not know acting. He is a great businessman, he knows how to do his marketing.” The Pakistani actress admitted that though most of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans may disagree with her, she will stick to her statement regardless.

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