My Lovely Boxer First Look: Lee Sang Yeob turns cold-blooded sports agent, Kim So Hye works on technique

Eve actor Lee Sang-yob will return as a ruthless sports agent and Kim So Hye will star as a boxer prodigy in My Lovely Boxer, check out stills from the upcoming drama below.

Lee Sang Yeob is all set to play the lead role in the sports K-drama My Lovely Boxer, where he will show his brutal side. He plays Kim Tae Young, a sports agent who only cares about himself and uses young athletes to make money. Lee Sang Yeob will lead the show alongside Kim So Hye, My Lovely Boxer is scheduled to air in August.

My Lovely Boxer First Look

The photo of Eve actor Lee Song Yeob from My Lovely Boxer was unveiled on 6 July. Portraying the character of a cheater, trickster and cold hearted agent in the pictures makes his aura inescapable. Her expressions in the pictures also raised anticipation for her role in My Lovely Boxer. Dressed in basketball jackets, sweats, and casuals regardless of the character he plays, Lee Sang Yeob grabbed everyone’s attention with his charming looks. Previously, Kim So Hye was seen in her high school uniform for the K-drama My Lovely Boxer. Her new look paints a vivid picture of the actor as a boxing athlete where she is seen practicing new techniques.

KBS drama <#MyLovelyBoxer> #LeeSangYeob still cuts, broadcast in August. pic.twitter.com/k4DCYxreFR

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About My Lovely Boxer

Eve actor Lee Sang Yeob will play the lead role in the K-drama My Lovely Boxer. His character Kim Tae Young in the K-drama is quite interesting as he is a sly sports agent who uses young talents to make money. Kim Tae Young is a selfish agent who tricks athletes into signing contracts with him. When these athletes put their blood, sweat and tears to the point of exhaustion, Kim Tae Young retires early in his career. A major turning point in her life comes when she meets Lee Kwon Suk, played by Kim Hye Soo. Lee Kwon Suk is a boxing genius who disappeared from the industry three years ago.

Upcoming KBS drama #MyLovelyBoxer still cuts#KimSoHye

📅 August
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  • Lee Sang-Yeob – Kim Tae-Young
  • Kim So-Hye – Lee Kwon-Sook
  • Kim Jin-Woo – Han Jae-Min
  • Park Ji-Hwan – Kim O-Bok
  • Kim Hyung-Mook – Lee Cheol-Yong
  • Chae Won-Bin – Han A-Reum
  • Choi Jae-Woong
  • Yoon In-Jo – Lee Young-Ae
  • Kim Sang-Woo – Go Sun-Jae

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