MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Will Reportedly Join PSY’s P NATION

She will have a new agency.

Hwasa: courtesy of Hwasa’s Instagram

After leaving RBW, Mamamoo’s Hwasa will reportedly join PSY’s P Nation.

According to an exclusive report from Xportnews, Hawassa is in the final stages of signing an exclusive contract with P NATION, with only final review left with the company before his decision is made official. Hawassa’s contract with RBW is set to expire at the end of June, and is not expected to be renewed with RBW.

Insiders believe that P Nation will help Hwasa expand her solo career. P Nation has issued an initial statement to Star News, saying they are looking into the Xportnews report. They have also told Newgen that they are in discussions with Havasa.

Hwasa to not renew current contract

For those unaware, Hawassa has been in talks with her current agency, RBW, for several months. Her contract is expected to expire in June, but it seems that the discussions have not been fruitful in any way, with rumors circulating that the singer will not renew her exclusive contract with the label.

P Nation comments on Hwasa joining the label

According to reports, P Nation will help Hwasa pursue his solo career. Since the singer is already doing pretty well professionally, this will give her an extra boost. But yes, nothing is decided yet.

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