Late Actor Julian Sands Loved His Wife and Kids: Meet the ‘Room With a View’ Star’s 3 Children

The death of Julian Sands leaves behind a broken-hearted widow and a devastated ex-wife. Learn more about the late ‘A Room With A View’ star’s marriages.

British actor Julian Sands in 1986 in E.M. Forster’s novel A Room with a View, playing the free-spirited George opposite Helena Bonham Carter’s Lucy became a period-piece phenomenon. After Julian went missing in Southern California, learn about his family amid reports of his death.

Who Are Julian Sands’ Wife and Children?

Julian, 65, was the father of three adult children. He shares son Henry Sands, who was born in 1985, with his ex-wife, British journalist Sarah Harvey Sands. The pair were married from 1984 to 1987 after dating for over a decade. In 1990, Julian married writer Evgenia Sitkowitz and they had two daughters. Natalya Morley Sands was born in August 1996, while her sister Imogen Morley Sands followed in December 1999.The actor was extremely protective of his family and rarely talked about his wife or children in interviews. In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, Julian was asked “how he would like to be remembered” and replied, “by my children as an interesting, entertaining father.”

When the Boxing Helena star was asked, “What does love feel like?” So he replied sweetly. revealing, “To be extremely alive.”

Although he was hesitant to discuss his family life, Julian was passionate about mountaineering. In the same interview with The Guardian, he was asked about the place he was happiest and replied, “close to a mountain peak on a gloriously cold morning.” He said that his “greatest fear” was “inactivity, immobility, poor health and boredom”.

Sarah Sands

Sarah Sands (née Harvey, born 3 May 1961) is a British journalist. Sarah married Julian in 1984.

The couple welcomed a son, Henry, shortly after. Their marriage fell apart after A Room with a View became famous, and the couple divorced in 1987.

Sarah Sands (David Hartley/Shutterstock)

James Harding, then director of the BBC News and Current Affairs desk, wrote in an email to staff: “Sarah is a hugely experienced and highly respected journalist.” “She will bring her familiar spirit and wide range of interests to the program and will carry forward today’s unrelenting commitment to critical and analytical journalism.”

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