King the Land’s Production Team Has Issued a Formal Apology For Its Controversial Representation of The Arab Prince

Im Yuna and Lee Joon Ho’s King The Land is being loved by audiences around the world, however, Middle-Eastern fans were unimpressed with the K-drama’s representation of an Arabian prince played by Squid Game’s Anupam Tripathi. Fans were left disappointed to see a different portrayal of the Arab origin. In response to the growing backlash from international viewers, JTBC issued a formal apology.

Production company apologizes for ‘King the Land’

“We would like to express our deep and sincere apologies for causing unnecessary inconvenience to our viewers without giving full consideration to other valuable cultures, however we have no intention to satirize or distort any particular country or culture in the process , It is our acute feeling that there has been a lack of understanding, experience and consideration towards other cultures. We will do our best to create content that can be enjoyed by anyone, wherever they are from and whatever their culture is. We will take a closer look at the portion of the video that was deemed problematic, and will do our best to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken. We sincerely promise our viewers that further care will be taken so that there is no inconvenience in viewing our content.

Arab representation in King the Land

Indian actor Anupam Tripathi made a cameo as an Arab prince in episode 7 of King the Land. International audiences reacted negatively to Samir’s portrayal, arguing that it perpetuated the perception of Arab princes as playboys. He also pointed out that the use of alcohol in the presence of a Muslim character disrespects his religious views. Furthermore, an Indian actor playing the role of an Arab prince upset the audience as it suggested a misrepresentation of Arab culture. Initially, JTBC responded in defense of the show, saying that all settings, characters, area and place names in the show are fictitious, emphasizing that there was no intention to distort any specific culture. Some viewers started sending hate comments to the actors involved and many even boycotted the show. This led to a formal apology from the King the Land production team to international audiences.


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