King the Land’s Lee Joon Ho praises his The Red Sleeve character; Will Lee Se Young make a cameo?

Actor Lee Joon Ho has been making headlines for his portrayal of Goo Won, a chaebol heir who runs business for The King Group, in the K-drama King the Land. While doing so, he meets a woman named Cheon Sarang, played by Yuna, a hotelier at the company’s VIP lounge. The romance comedy is divided into a series of hilarious, heartwarming and aesthetically pleasing storylines.

Lee Joon Ho referencing The Red Sleeve on Kind of the Land

While there is no shortage of moments to enjoy on King the Land, avid fans of Lee Joon Ho were in for a surprise as they saw a familiar setting in the 7th episode that aired on July 8. Soon after, it went viral on the internet with fans enjoying the unexpected reference in clip shows of the scene. As soon as Goo Won was spotted in a palace, fans were reminded of his character Yi San from The Red Sleeve, who ruled from there, and it seems he wasn’t the only one reminiscing about the past. Lee Joon Ho as a modern day, returned to the same location as Goo Won, can be heard expressing his anger at being asked to fetch coffee, in words similar to King Yi San’s personality.

Goo Won further looks around at the bustling palace and says how familiar this place looks to him. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement as they were reminded of their previous character, and as Goo Won turned back to wave his coat, just like Yi San used to do with his royal robes, they were reminded of those scenes in Seoguk. A preview of the next episode shows a traditional Korean wedding ceremony taking place in the palace, which once again reminds fans of The Red Sleeve, leading fans to wonder whether Lee Se Young, who played the court lady Seong Deok Im, will also appear.


About King The Land

The show is a love story between an heiress with trust issues and an employee of her company who takes a wrong turn in a fight for inheritance. Over time they fall in love with each other and end up being with each other much more than they want to. The show has been well received domestically and has seen a positive growth in viewership ratings. It is slated to release in India on July 13, almost a month after its global premiere.


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