Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld enjoy romantic vacation in Mexico

The talented quarterback of Buffalo Bills Josh Allen and popular actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld were recently seen enjoying a romantic vacation in Mexico during the 4th of July weekend.

Rumors about Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld dating started in May when they were spotted hanging out together in New York. Now, it seems their relationship has moved on as they were seen spending quality time together in Mexico.

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Josh Allen had broken up with his girlfriend of many years, Brittany Williams. Brittany, who is a Pilates instructor and famous on Instagram, later confirmed the breakup. She and Josh had been dating since 2017, a year before he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen are taking it slow and getting to know each other

Sources say that Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld had been spending time together for a few weeks before their relationship went public. According to an insider to, they are enjoying each other’s company and are having a great time together.


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When asked about her ideal partner, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” actress Hailee Steinfeld mentioned that she wants someone who supports and uplifts her, just as she supports and uplifts him. encourages. Here’s Steinfeld’s full statement:

“Ultimately I want someone who supports me and who I can support and cheer for and be my biggest fan. I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time with my family recently, and I’ve had so many shining examples of what it’s like to be with someone who makes you better and happier. I haven’t really been watching, so I don’t have a list of things. But I think when they do, the right person comes along, and I think that’s the greatest thing ever.”


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Despite the superstitions surrounding the “Madden Curse,” which purports to bring bad luck to players on the cover of the Madden video game series, Josh Allen is doing well both on and off the field.

As Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld continue their romantic vacation, fans are eagerly awaiting more updates on their relationship.

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