J-Hope shares handwritten letter to fans to celebrate ‘BTS Army Day.

On July 9, BTS fans received a handwritten letter from J-Hope on ARMY Day. what the BTS member had to say to his fans on his birthday.

BTS J-Hope


BTS member J-Hope penned a heartfelt letter for all the fans in the world on July 9. This special handwritten letter is to celebrate BTS ARMY’s birthday as the name ARMY was given in July which is an acronym for ‘Adorable Representative MC for Youth’. In 2013 9. J-Hope expressed his feelings in the most honest way possible in a letter to ARMYs posted by BIGHIT MUSIC.

J-hope’s letter

If Hobi (J-Hope) misses this day, he will be upset. Have you had your food? Today is the day when I miss you all more than usual… because it’s your day…!! I understood that the things I got close to are very precious and important to me but today is a day when those feelings have become even bigger. In the process of becoming an even more mature adult, I think this is part of where I’m naturally feeling growing pains. Its center is you and today is your day!! Today I want to express the gratitude I have in my heart to you with the strength that I felt for the first time. Thank you very much, thank you.

Fans react to J-Hope’s letter.

BTS J-Hope

J-Hope being the most expressive member of BTS, he never misses to celebrate any milestone with his dear fans. The singer has always been supportive of his fellow members’ solo projects and has been encouraging them with great gusto. When J-Hope enlisted for his military services, fans worried that he would not be able to be as active as before due to his commitments.

However, BIGHIT MUSIC shared a letter that J-Hope wrote for BTS fans on his birthday. Many fans shed tears as they miss their sunshine aka J-Hope on this special day. Fans noticed every little detail of the post shared by the agency, in which J-Hope wrote several hashtags to title his letter, which basically translates to Hobie’s letter, Letter Hobie Will Send to ARMY , Letter Coming from the Hope Country, Hobie’s Heart.

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