Final Jeopardy Today (5th July 2023): Who won Game 213 of Season 39?

Jeopardy Game 213! Season 39 airs on 5th July 2023 and here’s what happened. Kate Campolietta defended her One Day Champion title against new entrants Aubrey Gilleran and Angie Nyquist. Continue reading to know the results and answers of the game.

Who won the Jeopardy game on July 5, 2023?

Anji Nyquist won Jeopardy on July 5, 2023, while Kate Campolietta failed to convert her one-day win into a two-day winning streak. Categories under the first round are Born on July 5, All Shapes and Sizes, US City of the Book; Opposite, the world of art and artists, and food. While Anji provided six correct and one incorrect answers, Aubrey provided two correct and zero incorrect answers, and Kate provided four correct and two incorrect answers.

The scores of the first round were Anji $2,000, Kate $1,799 and Aubrey $200. Categories under Double Jeopardy! The rounds were the Nation’s Last Monarchs, Rhyming Phrases, Memoirs, Religion, Math Abbreviations and Symbols, and Who Are You. The scores after the round were $11,200 with Aubrey, $6,900 with Kate, and $4,800 with Anji. Aubrey got 13 correct answers, and four wrong answers, while Kate got 16 right answers and four wrong answers, and Anji got 11 right answers and two wrong answers.

What was the last question on Jeopardy Game of July 5, 2023?

The final question of the 5th July 2023 episode of Jeopardy! It comes under the category of African countries and the clue states, “Nickened the Empire in the Sky, the landlocked country is the only country in the world entirely situated above 4,000 feet.” The answer to the clue was, “What is Lesotho?” Oni Anji answered correctly and thus won $4,000. Kate and Aubrey answered incorrectly with Burundi and Ethiopia, thus losing $6,900, and $2,601, respectively.

The final results of the game saw Angie Nyquist with $8,800, Aubrey Gilleran with $8,599, and Kate Campolietta with $0. Earlier, Ben Goldstein won five games in a row and qualified for the Tournament of Champions, but missed the six-day streak on the June 23, 2023 episode. Hosted by Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, Jeopardy is currently in its 39th season. The award-winning game show is one of the longest running game shows of all time with over 8,000 episodes airing.


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