Exclusive Video: Richa Chadha recalls incident about jealous co-star: ‘His staff threw away all my stuff’

Richa Chadha made her film debut – Oye Lucky! Had this experience on the sets of! Lucky oye Read on to know the full story.

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal have turned producers, and in a recent conversation with Hollywoodchilly, the actress talked about maintaining similarities on the sets of their first production. “We didn’t discriminate that someone would stay in a good hotel and someone would stay in a bad hotel. I also stayed where everyone was staying and so was Ali. So that people can understand that we are not hungry. Secondly, we gave actors plenty of space – whether they were there for a day or two, or were leads and needed space to workshop or be silent,” shares Richa.

The Fukrey actress further adds, “As we are actors ourselves, we can empathize. We can also understand that if we discriminate on the set then it affects the morale of the people. Since that’s what happened to us in the beginning – (for example), one would get a sharing vanity with three people, and the other would get a single door. And it’s not about style, it’s about comfort.”

Have they also ever faced this discrimination? “It has happened many times. Actually, there was a time on my first film when I felt very bad. I came straight from college to do a scene in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye and I had 103-104 fever. I was told that someone was coming later, so until then I can use this special vanity van, and I’ll be shooting for the rest of the day anyway. So I got ready and left, but in the meantime someone came, their staff threw away all my stuff,” recalls Richa Chadha.

She continues, “I saw how terrible it was. I didn’t have my own makeup and hair material, they were from the company. But they threw things away, and someone’s lipstick was ruined, someone’s mirror was broken – so I felt very bad. How can they do this? I come from a privileged background but I am not a fool that others will not spend money, it is their investment, it is their livelihood. You can’t do this to anyone, but these things keep happening. Thankfully, I think now with social media and everyone having a camera on their phone, people are aware of these things, but sadly, it happens. Nothing happens to those who behave like this. In my experience, it’s karma or nothing.

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