Drew Sidora Reflects On How Growing Up With Married Parents Shaped Her Perception Of Marriage Amidst Divorce From Ralph Pittman

In the latest entertainment news from Atlanta Housewives star Drew Sidora

It’s no secret that Drew Sidora is commonly referred to by fans as the woman who screwed up Derwin and Melanie’s relationship from the now-defunct CW’s The Game. However, her viewership has increased since appearing on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where viewers had a lot to say about her marriage to her estranged husband Ralph Pittman.

During a recent interview on “Way Up With Angela Yee,” the actress spoke about her pending divorce and how having estranged parents has influenced her thought process on relationships throughout her adult life.

She spoke candidly about marriage counseling and much more,

“I was actually in marriage counseling, so I’ll start there. [Ralph and I] were in marriage counseling. He stopped coming to marriage counseling and I stayed in marriage counseling. And during that time, we started listening to music. focused because that was what brought us together and that was our happy place. So it was kind of a good distraction for us.”

Sidora continued,

“But we were not dealing with marriage issues. So ultimately, what you see is that we’re enjoying each other, we enjoy the music, and we’re both passionate, but those issues were still coming up, some on camera, some off camera. outside of. And really, we’ve reached a breaking point of the constant things happening in the marriage that I just can’t deal with anymore. ,

After nearly a decade of marriage, the couple came into question after a scene showcasing Pittman’s impromptu trip to Tampa, FL “solo.” Fans took notice that Sidora’s husband didn’t inform his wife about his whereabouts causing heavy suspicion of a possible affair.

She recently told that she’s taking things “one day at a time,



“I think it was the culmination of years of patience and forbearance. And as a wife, you know, my parents were married for 60 years, so I only saw two people who loved each other and fought constantly for their marriage. That’s how I was brought up,” she explained. “But I think at the point when it was public humiliation and dealing with things that are now coming out in front of the cameras, it was a breaking point that I reached.”

Sidora’s upbringing with estranged parents has a significant impact on her perception of marriage, especially as she is dealing with her divorce from Pitman. Growing up in a household where her parents were married, she had a strong foundation and belief in the institution of marriage.

This upbringing shaped her expectations and ideals of what a successful marriage should look like. However, going through her own divorce has challenged these beliefs and forced her to re-evaluate her understanding of marriage. Despite the hardships she has faced, the singer remains hopeful and determined to learn from her experiences and grow as a person.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, 37% of black children are living in a household headed by two of their biological parents, 48% are living in a household headed by a single parent, and 4% with one biological parent. living in a step family, as of March 2020 current population survey, parents and a non-biological parent.

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