Dispatch reveals the truth behind Fifty Fifty’s entire production, Ahn Sung Il and The Givers

Dispatch reveals the truth behind Fifty Fifty, Ahn Sung Il (also known as SIAHN), The Givers, and the timeline of events leading up to the trial.

After a series of investigations, Dispatch has revealed what they believe to be the truth behind the relationship between Fifty Fifty, Ahn Sung Il and ATTRAKT.

Fifty Fifty filed a lawsuit with ATTRAKT in June to suspend their contract, citing two reasons: they haven’t been paid and the members’ well-being.

Who planned FIFTY FIFTY?

Firstly, the three major players in the making of Fifty Fifty are Ahn Sung Il, Jeon Hong Joon, and KAMP.

Ahn Sung Il: CEO and creator of The Givers. He is known for producing the solo careers of singers J-Walk, Yoon Ji Won, Rumble Fish and more. Currently, his agency is also home to Son Seung Yeon.

Jeon Hong Joon: CEO of Attract. He was born in 1964. He has managed artists such as Cho Kwan Woo, Yang Soo Kyung, Bobby Kim, Yoon Mire and Ha Sungwoon.

KAMP: In the United States

The relationship between the three started in 2019 during KAMP Singapore 2019. Jeon Hong Joon met with KAMP CEO Ahn Sung Il and another KAMP employee. Jeon Hong Joon was able to see the power of K-pop at this time, suggesting to KAMP CEO that they should work together to form a global K-pop group.

In November 2019, the trio launched the project “Fifty”. Jeon Hong Joon joined KAMP’s CEO, Ahn Sung Il, and two other KAMP employees, “B” and “L”, to officially start production on their girl group.


Jeon Hong Joon worked for a year between December 2019 and December 2020 to collect trainees. They started with 12 trainees in 2020, reducing that to five in 2021 and finalizing it to four in 2022. The company used its monthly ratings to determine debuting members.

KAMP helped in the selection process by participating in two monthly assessments. He also helped plan global strategy, search for foreign musicians, and collect songs.

However, KAMP’s involvement in the project ends in 2021. There was a disagreement between Jeon Hong Joon and the CEO of KAMP regarding the global strategy. With their differing opinions, KAMP pulled out of the project. Jeon Hong Joon had to find a US-based agent to replace KAMP. That person was Ahn Sung Il.


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