D.P. 2 trailer: Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan try their best again; Choi Hyun Wook, Son Seok Gu and others appear

Netflix released the first trailer for D.P. 2 starring Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan and it seems the military brutality will get just as intense in the new season.

D.P Poster and trailer stills; Picture Courtesy: Netflix


  • Netflix released first trailer for D.P. 2
  • The drama will release on July 28

Netflix thrilled fans by announcing the release of a teaser poster and trailer for season 2 on June 29. netflix series dp The second season focuses on Junho and Hoyeol, members of the Detention Team (DP) who have left the army and are constantly confronted. With absurdity and immutable reality. The newly released poster shows Junho looking on somewhere amidst armed soldiers. The composition is similar to the teaser poster of the first season, but the D.P. Junho’s face has changed since he started working as Curiosity is fueled by Junho’s expression and the line that reads, “Unless I do something, I’ll never be able to change this.”

D.P. 2 trailer:

Plus, the trailer shows the absurdity that comes back even after the Private Cho Seok Bong incident and that is the reality. Kim Ruri opened fire on members of his unit after being repeatedly threatened and subjected to harsh military treatment.

Unlike Junho, who declares, “Nothing has changed,” and the extraordinary story of the fugitive who cannot return, which involves ordinary people going through extraordinary things, is now the center of attention.

The voice of Cho Seok Bong, who utters words such as “Nothing has changed” and “Don’t know if he is alive or dead”, as well as D.P. The melancholy expression of Ahn Joon Ho, who is tired of the never-ending quest, continues to ooze warmth. the heart of the audience. According to Han Joon Hee, who was in charge of writing and directing, said that each character had a goal they wanted to achieve, and they tried to follow that goal instead of trying to keep or change anything from the previous season. Tried it all Everyone’s focus is on the story, which is told with great care, sincerity and effort on the part of the lead cast and crew.

The drama: 

The new season will be out on July 28 and will take an even deeper look on the unassuming yet brutal truth of the South Korean military world. Many South Koreans who have gone through the same, shared the sentiments of the cases shown in Season 1. They felt like they were heard and the makers were showing the unfortunate truth of the soldiers. The new season features Choi Hyun Wook in the new role and Son Seok Gu has made a recurring role.

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