Chiranjeevi reveals the name of the mega princess with a beautiful picture of the little girl with her grandparents; here it means

And finally, the name of Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni’s baby girl has been revealed. An excited grandfather Chiranjeevi took to his social media handle to reveal the unique name and its meaning.

The daughter of Ram Charan and Upasana has been named. Fans, well-wishers and social media users were eagerly waiting to know what the couple would name their first child. The little mega princess will now be known as Cline Cara Konidela.

Little Mega Princess is now Cline Cara Konidela

It is known to all that Ram Charan and Upasana are going to name their daughter today. Fans were curious to know what the couple would decide to name their first child. Upasana has now revealed through social media that she has named her daughter Klin Kara Konidela. The naming ceremony took place at Upasana’s mother’s house.

Also present in the frame are the other three grandparents of Klin Kara, namely Upasana’s mom and dad, Shobhana and Anil Kamineni and Ram Charan’s mother. All four of them are dressed traditionally. Klein Cara is resting in her crib. The family seems to have organized an elaborate ceremony on the naming day. This is a very pleasing picture from the point of view of beauty. Upasana also shared pictures from the ceremony in which she and Ram Charan are also in the picture along with the four grandparents and the mega princess.

Chiranjeevi elaborates on the name of his granddaughter

The Waltair Veeraiyya actor also took to social media to say that Klin Kara represents the embodiment of nature. He also mentioned in his tweet that he is sure that his granddaughter will stay true to the meaning of her name and grow up to be a high quality human being. Chiranjeevi tweeted, “And the name of the baby is ‘Klin Kara Konidela’.. derived from the Lalitha Sahasranama Nama.. ‘Klin Kara’ represents the embodiment of nature.. Encapsulates the supreme power of Divine Mother ‘Shakti’.. and has a powerful ring and vibrancy in it.. We are all sure that the tiny, little princess will imbibe these qualities in her personality.. as she grows up Will be.. Enchanted!

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