BTS’ J-Hope leaves heartfelt message to Army from Military Camp; fans got emotional

J-Hope of BTS is currently serving in the military, however, he never forgets to check in on his fans. This instance again, he has resorted to waivers to inform his fans about his current situation through a heartfelt letter. Here’s everything he said that made fans emotional.

BTS' J-Hope

BTS’ J-Hope letter to ARMY

Army!! How are you?
Hope you have a nice weekend.
I was posted to 36th Division Bakho Army Training Battalion after finishing my Teaching Research Lecture and I am serving as an assistant in training camp for hard working soldiers. Since I was very busy with my daily routine, I didn’t have time to tell you the news. I have come here to say hello in a short letter.

While carrying out the hot military mission of July, I also remember the days when I was active as J-Hope around this time last year. I am a totally different person, I think my future will be passionate, which it is!!! I am here to tell you that I am living as Jung Hoseok and J-Hope, who have never changed in any situation, anywhere. haha Hey army, beware of the heat.

Beware of the rain.
with all the armed forces,
and trainee!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you good health.

Loyalty! (Greeting by a Korean soldier)

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