Bigg Boss OTT 2: Bigg Boss OTT 2: Housemates upset in torture task, Jiah Shankar’s captaincy attacked

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Bigg Boss is getting interesting with each passing day. When actress Jia Shankar took over as the captain of the house, all eyes were on her. There was a fierce battle for the captaincy. Despite facing opposition from fellow housemates, she was determined and fearless. Retaining the captaincy in the Bigg Boss house has always been a challenging feat, as seen in the last episode where it was snatched away from JD and Abhishek. During this grueling ordeal, Jiya roared like a tigress and was supported by Babika. Stood in the face of attempts to provoke her. She responded with confidence, challenging her critics, saying, “Kisi mein dum hai to mujhe hila ke dikhaye.” Nevertheless, Jiya, seated on the captain’s throne, faced a grueling three-hour torture session imposed by her fellow housemates. Had to do, ask whoever wanted to give up the title.

Jia faced the pressure

Bigg Boss announces the end of Manisha Rani’s jail time. Jiya expresses dismay over the lack of bread in her ration, leading to an argument with Babika Dhurve.

Sattabadli task unveiled

Bigg Boss calls a meeting and introduces the Satta Badli task to ease the pressure of Jiya’s captaincy.

Jia is tasked with sitting on the throne for three consecutive hours while the other housemates attempt to take her down.

Task Turns  intense

During the task, Manisha and Babika attacked Jia with “dirty” tissues and splashed water.

Abhishek applies the spice on Jiya’s face, but Manisha and Babika warn him not to apply it near her eyes.

Mixed reactions and conflicts

Some housemates like JD, Pooja and Falak view the task as torture, while others including Abhi, Babika and Manisha actively participate.

Jed threatens to stop talking to Manisha if she continues to be aggressive, but she defends her actions saying that it is part of the job.

Avinash faces criticism for supporting Jia Shankar during the task, but reaffirms his commitment to not remove her as he made her the captain.

Falak Naaz advises JD not to use negative words while Jia confronts Avinash about the irritation on his face but is determined to win.

Falak and Avinash continue to assist Jia during the task, while she engages in verbal exchanges with Manisha Rani, Babika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan.

Abhishek smears the solution on Jiya’s face, which makes her moan in pain, after which Babika and Manisha come and see her.

Jia accuses Shankar of torturing Babika, Manisha and Abhi, but they tell that it is part of the job.

JAD’s Outrage and Argument

Jad angrily throws something on the carpet and expresses frustration.

An argument ensues between Jia and Babika, with Babika accusing Jia of supporting someone who shows his buttocks.

Jade spits on the ground, prompting the housemates to advise against such acts, while Abhi asks Babika not to involve Jade in the game.


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