Badshah finally breaks silence on RIFT with ‘autistic’ Honey Singh; Says, ‘He made us sign blank papers’

Badshah details the ‘mafia mundir’ and his differences with Honey Singh, highlighting the abuse and conflict. A revealing podcast interview sheds light on their journey.

 Badshah Finally Breaks Silence On His Rift With 'Self-Centered' Honey Singh: He made Us Sign Blank Papers.

Rapper ‘Bad Boy Badshah’ has many hit songs in his account. Recently, in a podcast with Raj Shamani, Badshah shed light on the formation of ‘Mafia Mundir’ and the end result with his former collaborator, rapper and singer Honey Singh. Reflecting on their journey, Badshah shared an insight into the dynamics of the group and the challenges the two have faced. He also addressed the alleged abuse and conflicts he experienced during his time with her.

Rift and estrangement between Badshah and Honey Singh.

In 2009, a rift broke out between Badshah and Honey Singh, which led to the break-up of their collaboration. Badshah remembers being horrified and tries to contact Honey Singh, but is met with evasiveness. He further revealed that the songs they made together during that period were never released, as Honey Singh was focusing on pursuing his solo career. Badshah emphasized on the challenges he faced during this phase, as his parents were worried about his future. He expressed disappointment saying that despite being called brothers, Honey Singh failed to recognize and appreciate the struggles they faced together.



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Expressing his frustration, Badshah also expressed dismay over Honey Singh’s alleged self-centredness and failure to acknowledge their collective struggles. He revealed that he and his fellow cast members signed blank contracts and were left in limbo. Badshah urges Honey Singh to consider and accept the sacrifices he has made for his career.

Formation of ‘Mafia Munder’

‘Mafia Mundir’ was originally conceived as a group of like-minded individuals, primarily by Badshah and Honey Singh. Its purpose was to bring together like-minded artists. However, despite their collaboration, Badshah revealed that they had limited interactions and had never actually met while collaborating on ‘Mafia Mundir’.

Badshah bids farewell to ‘Mafia Mundir’

In 2011, Badshah’s collaboration with Honey Singh on the track ‘Get Up Jawaani’ was their first release together. However, as time went on, tensions grew within the ‘Mafia Mundir’. Eventually, one by one, members like Ikka, Raftaar and eventually Badshah decided to part ways from the group. Badshah’s departure from ‘Mafia Mundir’ took place in 2011.

The ‘Mafia Munder’ legacy

 Badshah Finally Breaks Silence On His Rift With 'Self-Centered' Honey Singh: He made Us Sign Blank Papers.

The legacy of ‘Mafia Mundir’ lies in its brief existence as a group of talented artists. Honey Singh initially formed the group after noticing Badshah’s growing popularity with his track ‘Soda Whisky’. With time, Raftaar, Ikka and Lil Golu also joined in, making the group stronger. However, the departure of Ikka, Raftaar and Badshah eventually led to the disintegration of the ‘Mafia Mundir’.

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