Are Waterbomb Concerts Dangerous? K-pop stars whose eyes were in pain due to excessive watery shoots

Korea officially welcomes summer with the Waterbomb 2023 music festival from June 23 to 25.



BTOB’s Minhyuk

Waterbomb is an annual summer festival where everyone shoots water at each other – be they performers or spectators. Several K-pop artists performed this year, including Espa, Tsunami, BTOB, STAYC, J Park and others.

Some of the celebrities’ hot shots at the festival went viral, including Kwon Eunbi and her sexy outfit.

Kwon Eunbi

Although the water worked in Kwon Eunbi’s favor during her performance, perfecting her sexy look, it wasn’t quite as glamorous as some of the other cast members. Rapper Lee Young Ji was also a performer at Waterbomb and dressed in all black, she performed nine songs with power and charisma.


There were moments throughout her set when the rapper stopped performing because people shot water at her face.

During one of his performances, one of his contact lenses fell out and he started having severe eye problems. At the end of his performance, Lee Young Ji asked fans to tell Espa, who was performing after him, to remove her colored contacts and put on glasses.

Up to this point, we have seen our favorite stars performing on stage from the perspective of the audience. However, after his performance, Lee Young Ji posted a video on his Twitter account showing the festival from his perspective. The video features Lee Young Ji passionately singing her song “Witch” while drenched in water on her face. The video’s audio was muffled, and the rapper could not open her eyes. Behind him was a huge crowd of people enjoying the concert.



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